Gun for coating edges – HPP 1300

Suitable for applying dyes and other low-viscosity
liquids on the edges of flat pieces and assemblies in
leather production industry.
The gun has an optimal design for ultimate reliability,
with maximum ergonomics;
The gun has an accurate dosing system of the applied
A specially selected volume and position of the dye
tank ensures maximum convenience in working with it.
The low weight of 320 gr makes it extremely
convenient device for painting both finished products
and separate leather details.

The cleaning when changing the dye color is convenient and is limited to filling the reservoir with water and holding the trigger. For longer periods of time (at the end of the working day) it is necessary to dismantle the nozzle and wash with lukewarm water. The gun needs no external supply either electrical or pneumatic. It is suitable for applying all kinds of water-based dyes and primers used in dyeing leather bags and any leather products.

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