History of

The company

1964… ‘Prolet’ was established with 100 workers engaged in the production. In the first years of its operation, the company produced mainly for the Russian and Bulgarian markets.

1972…the company expanded its production and created more jobs.

1979 …the company started producing goods for Germany and other European countries, gradually becoming one of the most dominant manufacturers on the domestic market. At that time it employed 700 people.

1991…For the first time in its history, the factory started manufacturing leather handbags for one of the leading Italian brands at the time – Francesco Biasia

1994…The factory was acquired by Mr. Francesco Biasia, and continued producing mainly for the Francesco Biasia brand.

1996…It developed a network of sub-contractors, and at that time over 80% of the Bulgarian producers in the sector started working for the Italian company ‘Francesco Biasia’ through the intermediation of ‘Prolet’. Activities such as quality control, cutting, packaging, final quality control and forwarding, were performed and controlled entirely by ‘Prolet’. Thanks to Mr. Biasia, and ‘Prolet’, respectively, this type of production enjoyed a revival in Bulgaria.

2005…The production facilities were extended, and as a result 100 more jobs were created. The Bulgarian company acquired a minority interest in the by then entirely Italian company.

2007…Alongside the production of goods under the Francesco Biasia brand, the company established partnerships with other Italian brands as well.

2013…The factory became exclusive property of the Bulgarian company. Investments into the renovation and automation of the production processes started.

2018…’Prolet’ is the biggest and most modern factory in Bulgaria with an entirely renewed machinery park, using the most advanced technologies in the production of handbags and accessories, with a staff of over 350 people. In our client base there are some of the most famous and successful European brands from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.