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“Prolet Ltd.”

Who we are

We are the biggest and most modern enterprise for production of hand bags and leather accessories in
Bulgaria. Prolet was established in the far 1964.

“Prolet Ltd.”

Our experience

The long years of experience, the proven efficiency and strict quality control, as well as the corporate
system that comprises all activities – starting at material supply to forwarding the market ready products,
make Prolet Ltd. one of the most competent and responsible partners in Eastern Europe.

Due to our quality control system it is almost impossible to miss any kind of fault or imperfection
throughout the manufacture cycle. During each stage the product undergoes, when reaching the last
stage i.e. dispatching, there have been several quality controls carried out.

Upon receiving material – leather, lining, plating – each material is carefully examined for flaws; if such
are found, the material does not advance to the next stage.

– In the cutting stage – every single component is assessed
– In the preparatory shop – assessment of each prefabrication
– In the manufacturing shops – assessment of the finished product. There is one employee in each
manufacturing industrial unit, whose sole responsibility involves the assessment of finished products. It
is only once it has been given approved, that the product in question can launch the next stage, which is:
– the packaging shop – this is where the final quality checks are performed. Before being packaged,
products are carefully examined for faults or defects. Again, this is carried out by employees whose sole
responsibility involves product assessment.


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